11th of December

Christmas Calendar

Friday, 11th of December is for relaxing and feeling optimistic. We had many wine lovers visiting and we discussed about the art of making artisan wines. We talked that that choosing wines that come from supermarkets ( in Finland we don’t have wines in supermarkets, we can buy wines from a monopoly owned shops only)or which are industrial-made means that you are letting someone else, someone who doesn’t know you, choose what you will like, or what the ‘average’ person will like. In such cases, more often than not, the label and the marketing matters more than what’s inside the bottle.

While choosing to drink and select artisan wines means you get to be the protagonist of the story. In other words, choosing wines that are made honestly, based on traditions and the territory, where what’s on the inside, and more importantly, what’s beyond the bottle – the story, integrity, tradition, and the landscape – are what matter. This is the philosophy of our Wine Stories- come to find your own artisan wine and tell us your own wine story.

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