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Finns do not like changes. They want it to be as it always was. When facing changes, they say “We don’t do that in Finland”. They have habits, beaten paths, a couple of beloved places, one with good lunch offer, other with coffee (Juhla Mokka, naturally) and pulla. But it turns out that like nobody else, Finns love wine and for this dry drink they are able to change their daily routine.

There are not many wine bars on the Helsinki map; they were created only in the last couple of years. Last year, we decided to join the wine scene by offering something special – boutique wines from Bulgarian indigenous grapes. The risk paid off, 1st September 2020 we got recognized by Star Wine List initiative for our unique concept.

Our place – Wine Stories – is located on Vironkatu 11, just in the middle of Kruununhaka district, nearby the Helsinki Cathedral. One can find here wines made from Melnik 55, Mavrud, Misket or Rubin grapes but also more familiar Pinot Noir, Merlot, Syrah or Chardonnay. It does not matter if you are a wine aficionado or just want to relax with a nice drink, we will pair you with your perfect wine. So come to taste the transformation of the sunlight in the wines and make your unforgettable own wine story. Book your private wine tasting or just come over for a glass or two.

P.S. When visiting, do not forget to ask about orange wine, rubin and Mr Churchill favourite wine grape variety!

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