1st of December

Christmas Calendar

We’re opening our Christmas Calendar with Wine&Chocolate event to toast the beginning of the Holiday Season. (Because wine is always a good choice, sometimes much better than a chocolate or why not -paired with it)

Chocolate and wine are two of life’s greatest pleasures, but pairing them is fun but also challenge. Both offer intense flavours and complexity – a proper pairing leads to nirvana, a poor pairing results in bitterness on your palate. Pairing wine with chocolate is tempting and tasty and I may assure you- we enjoyed ourselves while selecting the best pairs to dance on the tables and in the glasses. Here is some of the inspiration thoughts and ideas we want to share with you for pairing wine and chocolate.

  • Look for wine with a relative levels of residual sugar: It’s a matter of personal taste, but the tannin overload from dark chocolate and a full-bodied, dry red wine may lead to bitterness. Wines with a bit of residual sweetness can help to soften the bitterness of tannins in dark chocolate, which itself has relatively low sugar levels.
  • Top tip: Think about the flavours that you are trying to match. What characteristics are in the chocolate? Is there cherry, orange, ginger or almond involved, for example?
  • Think about a wine’s flavour, acidity, weight and length, and whether this works with the intensity, sweetness and texture of the chocolate.
  • Don’t necessarily expect everyone at your Christmas celebration party to be happy with the wines and chocolates you have selected. Some people love rich, luxurious dark or milk chocolate with lush reds, such as fuller-bodied styles of Rubin or Melnik wines with ripe, jammy fruit and elements of sweet spice garnet from oak. We discovered that Pet Nat Riesling is a kind of chameleon that fits almost all!

If you’ve found a great combination, then why not indulge and Have a cozy and relaxing evening by the fire place? There are only 23 days to Christmas and we can fill them with good thoughts, kind gestures, warm words, caring and sharing loving moments.