11th of December

Christmas Calendar

Friday, 11th of December is for relaxing and feeling optimistic. We had many wine lovers visiting and we discussed about the art of making artisan wines. We talked that that choosing wines that come from supermarkets ( in Finland we don’t have wines in supermarkets, we can buy wines from a monopoly owned shops only)or which are industrial-made means that you are letting someone else, someone who doesn’t know you, choose what you will like, or what the ‘average’ person will like. In such cases, more often than not, the label and the marketing matters more than what’s inside the bottle.

While choosing to drink and select artisan wines means you get to be the protagonist of the story. In other words, choosing wines that are made honestly, based on traditions and the territory, where what’s on the inside, and more importantly, what’s beyond the bottle – the story, integrity, tradition, and the landscape – are what matter. This is the philosophy of our Wine Stories- come to find your own artisan wine and tell us your own wine story.

10th of December

Christmas Calendar

10th December Wine calendar returned us back to the first and so far the last Bulgarian wine tour organised by Vino Amore for a group of friends and real wine lovers from Finland. We tasted The boutique wines from Salla Estate and they made an impression that is still vivid and alive. The winery is situated 50 km west of city of Varna and the Black Sea Coast, providing not only exceptional fine wines and home cooked cuisine but also riding on elite horses, strolling around with carriages and plenty, plenty of history.

Grapes are grown in 30 hectares own vineyards located next to the winery on the Southwest slope. The terrain is hilly and the area combines unique natural conditions – a combination of suitable soil, terrain and climate. Their planting material is mainly French and includes elite white varieties Chardonnay, by Sauvignon Blanc, Traminer, Riesling, attractive red varieties Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc and the local Bulgarian Vratsa Muscat variety.

In this dark and chilly winter day we remembered the golden days of travelling and we decided that the best way to learn about wine is to drink it!

Come and make your own wine story with us and we can dream and plan the next wine travel together.

9th of December

Christmas Calendar

9th of December was dedicated to this exceptional red from an exceptional winery and even more exceptional wine makers of Dragomir Winery Estate. Their wines are always elegant, precise, unique, boutique and of high quality.

When you are thinking of a perfect dinner – Pitos will be the perfect match with the rare blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon together with the jewel on the crown Rubin. There are about 16,000 bottles of the 2012 Pitos-this full-bodied wine is very well integrated with blackberry, cherry, and spice and finishes long with firm and yet balanced tannins and toast with more dark fruit.

Dragomir named Pitos after the clay vessel that the ancient Thracians buried in the ground and used to make wine, like the qvevri that Georgian winemakers still use. (Though Dragomir doesn’t use this to make its Pitos wine.) Dragomir Winery Estate is a synonym of quality that lifts up the wines of Bulgaria to the highest level of winemaking.

This rate wine can be tasted and enjoyed In the heart of a Helsinki at WineStories winebar and show room. Come and make your own wine story with us!

8th of December

Christmas Calendar

8th of December is for Domain Bessa Valley and their distinctive wines Enira. Enira is a big and opulant Bordeaux inspired Bulgarian red from an estate with a French style and attitude.

Bessa Valley’s owner is Count Stephan von Neipperg who also has several prominent Bordeaux properties to his name including Châteaux Canon La Gaffelière and La Mondotte. He and his team chose this area for the wonderful clay-limestone soils, with parellels to that of Saint Émilion in Bordeaux, which he believed had the potential to make great wines.

In the shadow of the dramatic Rhodope Mountains, these soils provide the structure, strength and minerality that allows the creation of wines full of power and elegance. Enira wines from his Bulgarian estate are strongly influenced by his style.

This is a blend of around 50% Merlot, 25% Syrah and smaller proportions of Petit Verdot and Cabernet Sauvignon which, after fermentation, is aged of around 12 months in French oak barrels. The nose is full of vanilla and menthol aromas with plenty of berry fruits also in evidence. On the palate dark fruits dominate with flavours of raisins, liquorice and sweet spice along with rustic, gamey and meaty notes. It has a well rounded structure with quiet prominent, but well integrated tannins.

Come to taste them in our show room and wine bar and make your Christmas Wine Story.

7th of December

Christmas Calendar

This bold and beautiful wine originates from the village of Merul where the Thracian golden treasure was found in the middle of 20th century. The place is also the place of origin of the indigenous MAVRUD grapes.

This wine can be tasted in Wine Stories show room and wine bar and can be also ordered in Finland from ALKO online shop selection. It will love to be delivered to your nearest Alko shop and to you as soon as you place an online order.

Once it reaches your table, it promises to show up beautiful ruby colour, open its multilevel black fruits aromas, surprise you with rich taste, soft tannins and leave pleasant and soft therapeutic finish. It loves to accompany any meat dish with rosemary potatoes, lazy easy going pizza or sometimes being playful and give a touch to desserts such as apple or mascarpone pie, cheese-or lemon cake.

These elegant wine from 2016 have a tremendous capability of ageing and is proudly wearing few medals from international competitions.

6th of December

Christmas Calendar

6th December deserved this special bottle filled with sparkles, elegant mousse, fine bubbles and nutty toasted taste. We celebrated Finland with this exclusive Bulgarian sparkling wine made in champagne method. A real treat for ourselves, our guests and for our very important clients. We paired with variety of canapés to compliment the festive feelings and honour Finland’s 103 years of independence.

5th of December

Christmas Calendar

We are in love with this wine we got as a present and sample to taste and remind us for the Cabernet Franc day (4th Dec).

Cabernet Franc Day celebrates the Father of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cardinal Richelieu, who died on 4th Dec. For your Christmas table, Grab a bottle of Cabernet Franc and give tribute to this fantastic varietal!

Cabernet Franc is believed to have been established in the Libournais region of southwest France, sometime in the 17th century, when Cardinal Richelieu transported cuttings of the vine to the Loire Valley.

Today, Cabernet Franc is one of the twenty most widely planted grape varieties across the world.

“Cabernet Franc unites francophiles , terroir snobs, locavores, “balance” freaks and plant geeks. It is complex and distinctive and often wonderful. Cabernet Franc is the wine for our moment.”

– Ben O’Donnell, Wine Spectator

4th of December

Christmas Calendar

The calendar surprise of December 4th- One amazing Wine from our special collection is born in the skirts of Thracian Valley, in Villa Yustina winery. It shows it’s spectrum under the name Monogram and has the unique characteristics Mavrud & Rubin from 2014.

Attractive blend of two indigenous varieties Mavrud 60% and Rubin 40% with Intensive ruby red color and complex nose, hints of mature black fruit, chocolate and vanilla. Full elegant body with soft tannins. The wine has matured for 18 months in 100% Bulgarian oak and 2 years in bottles.

The wine pairs perfectly with roasted meet and makes special match with traditional Bulgarian cuisine stews kavarma or kapama.

It proudly wears several international Awards:
BIWC – Gold medal for vintage 2014
MundusVini , Germany- Gold medal for vintage 2014
Selection Mondiales des Vins, Canada 2016 – Golden medal
Vino Balkanika –Golden medals for vintiges 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
BIWC – Golden medal 2013
Mundus Vini, Germany – Golden medal 2013
Mundus Vini, Germany –Best bulgarian red wine 2013
Mundus Vini,Germany – Silver medal 2015
Vinalies Internationales, France –Silver medal 2014
Korea Wine Challenge – Best bulgarian red wine 2014

3rd of December

Christmas Calendar

3rd December- Wine makes people happy- our Christmas calendar picked up a wine that can be called a Nobel Majesty! It has elegant body, fruit and sophisticated tannins. During the dark evenings while planning and pre -tasting the menu for the family Christmas dinner- this awarded PInot Noir Z Reserva 2016 deserves a special place on the festive table. It will surprise you with its gorgeous fruitiness and ending with a sense of finesse, vibrant body of vivid raspberry, black cherry, plum and anise, all gaining momentum as the full body rolls on. Ultra-fine tannins support the firm structure, finishing with cedary toasty oak, espresso notes and mineral finesse.

And when making a nice dinner for your special ones and if you you have no idea what wine to serve, this aristocratic Zelanos Pinot Noir Reserva is the one that will definitely make an impression. It will also make you shine not only as a great chef but also a a wine lover!

Pinot Noir is a wine that goes well with all types of food but also on its own. It a real luxury in the glass and elegant treat for a true connoisseurs.
Simply irresistible!

2nd of December

Christmas Calendar

2nd December gave us a reason to celebrate when the calendar unveiled this delicious wine from very unusual grape variety GAMZA. There hasn’t be much to enjoy and celebrate during the difficult months of 2020 but in times like that, great wine like this lift up the mood and the spirit. Bulgarian Bononia Estate has succeeded and produced this exceptional good wine GOMOTARTZI GAMZA 2019 that is just ranked (in a blind tasting) by the Decanter wine magazine team of experts as N:50 WINE OF THE YEAR 2020. (Decanter, January 2021)

A fresh, fruity and balanced wine characterised by the unique characteristics of the variety. A light body with herbal, redcurrant and rhubarb fruit aromas. Crisp, red cherries and wild berries taste with elegant and refreshing acidity. A gentle and pleasant finish with intriguing fruity sweetness. Come and taste it in our Wine Stories wine and show room and make your own wine Christmas story.